Our School

A considerate community of people who care for others as much as themselves.

We understand how excellent pastoral care underpins every achievement.

We support and help to develop our students’ health, happiness and well-being so that they can succeed at school and beyond.

We nurture self-development and self-awareness so that every member of our community can become the best version of themselves.

Every person has equal value, and we treat others as they would like to be treated.

We have empathy for others – at school, in our community and the wider society. Our relationships are warm, honest and supportive.


A diverse community that understands our world.

There is strength in difference. Reflecting the multicultural city on our doorstep, our students and staff embrace and celebrate diverse voices, recognising that they improve their understanding of the world.

We nurture a deep-seated sense of social responsibility as our students know that there are others less fortunate than they are and strive to make a positive difference at school and beyond.


A forward-looking community prepared for the 21st century.

We are unashamedly academics. Our teaching is rigorous and exceptional, and our teachers challenge students appropriately and sensitively, so that they can thrive in university, work and life.

We stimulate curious minds. Our students have a restless inquisitiveness and lifelong joy of learning which equips them for a fast-changing world.

Our staff strive constantly to adapt and develop their practice.

We explore our passions and encourage our students to discover what excites and inspires them. It helps them become rounded people, well placed to forge their own path through life.

We shape the future. Our boys and girls combine kindness, respect and curiosity to become the leaders of tomorrow, creating positive change in our society

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