Fafford International College

Located in the heart of Lagos, a vibrant and multicultural city, we draw strength from innovation and our uniqueness, recognizing that diversity can help answer compelling questions about the world of tomorrow

At Fafford International College, we understand that students thrive in a happy and positive environment. It is why we cherish individuality, discourage stereotypes, and encourage our students to be the very best version of themselves.

Our students are the focus. Everything we do is centered around them. Our desire is to produce balanced global leaders. Every decision made seeks to enhance the value added to the life of each student because we believe in their total development; morally, mentally and materially.

Our way of imparting knowledge although seemingly easy, is very efficient and effective. Every child needs quality and well-rounded education to become a responsible global citizen.

Our teachers are well trained 21st century professionals and certified examiners who provide guidance to each student according to their career objectives.

This way, our students turn out to be better prepared for international university education and life afterwards.

Our Vision!

That everyone that passes through Fafford International College develops “TO BE BETTER THAN BEING THE BEST, anywhere in the world!

Our Mission

To ensure that every member of our community is keenly aware of their responsibility and capacity to make a difference, right here and now. We equip them to be prepared for the rapidly changing demands of the coming decades.

We Care!

To provide an environment in which each individual is assisted to discover his or her potential through study, sports and personal development

We intend to be:

Kind. Aware. Ready.

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